Hendricks Business Solutions is a woman owned CCR/HUB Certified Corporation. We are located in a US Government specified HUBZone in Salisbury, North Carolina. Hendricks Business Solutions serves all Government entities as well as corporations who would like to take advantage of certain tax incentives. The US Government provides these incentives for business transactions with minority owned certified companies.

Hendricks Business Solutions is open Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST to handle any ordering, pricing or client needs. For information, please call 704.633.7555 or toll free 1.800.872.6341 and request the appropriate extension.

Vicki Rhyne, President

704.633.7555 ext. 10
704.640.8088 cell
704.633.7111 fax

Teresa Lanning, Account Development Specialist

704.633.7555 ext. 12
704.754.6966 cell
704.633.7111 fax

Elaine Hyde, Office Manager

704.633.7555 ext. 11
704.633.7111 fax

Donna Lewis, Director of Sales and Marketing

704.633.7555 ext. 15
704.633.7111 fax

Leota Wilcox, Administrative Assistant

704.633.7555 ext. 13
704.633.7111 fax

Amy Riddle, Senior Graphic Designer

704.633.7555 ext. 13
704.633.7111 fax

Dean Hendricks, CFC

828.261.5539 cell